Sparkling wine and great food are two of my absolute favorite things. As with sparkling wine, gourmet food does not require a special occasion. With good food and a great glass of sparkling wine, anyone can turn the everyday gourmet.

I have created an accessible rating system to review the sparkling wines that I will taste and pair with my recipes. I will look at taste, value, effervescence, drinkability, and complexity. Each wine will then be given a score between 0-5 for each criterion. I will then add up those scores for an overall score out of 25 (wines rated before October 2013 will have an overall score out of 20). With this rating system, you can look to the category you find most important to choose a wine. Every now and then, I will also delve into and explain the sometimes intimidating world of sparkling wines.

The 0 - 5 scale is defined as follows:

0: Poor (you do not want to drink this)
1: Satisfactory (probably not worth drinking, but might be serviceable) 
2: Fair
3: Good
4: Very Good
5: Extraordinary 

Thanks for visiting my blog, and I hope you enjoy! Cheers!

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